Friday, November 20, 2009

The Root Of Rage

Unchecked frustration is a poison. It eats at us and haunts us. It can so quickly build into rage and explode - hurting us and our loved ones.

We should seek to curb frustration through the loving, conscious expressing of our fears and worries. When we share these in a gentle way the weight of them lifts off us and frustration is no more.

We should also seek to curb frustration through removing the burden of expectation. We should seek rather to be hopeful of what the future might bring and accepting of what comes than to be dogmatic with our expectations for this can only create frustration and disappointment when things turn out to be different from our planned outcome.

To experience joy and freedom we must banish frustration from our minds. Seek to cease it's occurrence through releasing expectation and then to halt it when it does occur by releasing it with love.

In this way frustration loses it's power to harm and becomes instead an emotion that comes and goes like all others. In healing frustration we find peace must surely be with us for the mind can rest and the heart can be still.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On Living In The Now

Seek to live in this moment. Right now. For there is no other moment in existence but this very one.

The past is gone. It no longer exists. To be haunted by that which is gone creates guilt, depression and longing- pain that exists in this moment over injuries from something that has passed. Releasing the past is paramount to being in this moment and it frees us from the shackles of these pains.

The future has not happened. It does not yet exist. To be too concerned with what may (or may not) happen creates worry, fear and anxiety. This is pain that exists now over things that have yet- or may never- happen. Releasing the future to be what it will be gives us the freedom to create our desired future in this moment.

Looking back is necessary to avoid past mistakes and to replicate and expand on past successes. Looking forward allows us to plan brighter futures and avoid possible pitfalls. Yet to dwell in either of these spaces draws us out of this moment, where we are, and puts us where we are not.

Instead we must be where we are. Here. Now. For it is only in this moment that we can ever find true happiness and freedom for no other moment exists.

Monday, October 19, 2009

This Too Will Pass

Nothing can be kept forever. All things are temporal and must eventually change.

When we learn acceptance of change we can truly master life. Each thing, person and place will come and go and when we learn that the going is inevitable we stop holding on and attaching and start to appreciate the blessings they bring.

Each joy will pass. Each sorrow will pass. We cannot bask in any one blessing forever nor can we suffer any one torment forever. Each thing has a time and then it will change or leave us.

So seek to accept the transitory nature of things. Let each experience come and then allow it to go. In this way the pain of lost attachment cannot harm us. In this way we are free.

In memory of Paul.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Abundance

Give thanks for all that you have and for all the good things coming to you. We are creative beings and that which our minds dwell on becomes what the hands manufacture.

When our minds are filled with thanks for the abundance and love in our lives we tend to draw more of these things to ourselves. When we are negative in our thinking we tend to find more to be negative about in our lives.

In this way we find many financially wealthy people who are miserable while others have great joy in the very little they have. An attitude of gratitude is paramount to being satisfied, and ultimately, happy with your life whether you be prince or pauper.

Gratitude reinforces our mental belief that we experience abundance in all things and this in turn makes us able to create more abundance since one cannot have something if they do not believe they can have it.

So seek to be grateful for the many riches in your life and be hopeful of more to come. For in thanks we find that wealth is all in the mind and she who masters that mind has everything and needs nothing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Freedom From Choice

Choice is a gift. In choice is freedom. It is the foundation for our liberty and the conduit in which joy comes to us.

But choice must come from the will of the heart and gratitude for all we have and will receive. In this way our choices create harmony in our lives. When choice is based on competitive ideals or on our fears we manifest discord and pain.

When we choose joy and abundance and freedom then these ideals manifest first within us then they flow out into the world. That is why no freedom can be given by another to you and wealth and happiness are states of mind. They must first come from inside us to be made manifest outside us.

So choose wisely and with gratitude and expectation and you will find your life is fuller for it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tha Joy of Giving

Seek to share the best of your being with the world. It is through service that we are able to uplift others and recognise the abundance that exists in us.

No one can give something they do not already possess. It is thus that when you share of your joy, laughter, hope and love you begin to see how much more you have in reserve.

What we put out into the world multiplies. If we seek to put love out then that multiplies. If we seek to put thankfulness out then it multiplies too. When we seek to put generosity out then it too multiplies and eventually so much love, kindness and gratefulness will surround us.

So take some time to be kind to someone who needs to smile. Share a laugh with your neighbour. Be gentle with your colleague. It is in doing these things that we discover the abundance of joy within us and it is in this way that we bring joy to the world.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On Inner Wisdom

There is a voice in every heart that implores us to be our greatest selves. It recognises us as the possibilities that exist in our dreams rather than the culmination of past choices we have made.

It insists on guiding us to be what we dream of becoming. It seeks to lead us to joy and fulfilment. It asks us to be the highest version of our greatest vision of ourselves.

In this voice we have a companion, always gently nudging us to be more, be better, be happier.

And it speaks in soft tones and metaphors. It whispers in our dreams and nudges us to look at coincidences. It uses emotions and chance encounters to remind us of what we could be if only we would listen to it.

Seek to hear this voice. And when you have heard it seek to follow it for it is your greatest encouragement and the path to your highest joy and in it's guidance you will certainly find your way to fulfilment.